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Serving patients seeking advanced dental implants, gum grafts and periodontal care in South Seattle

Pacific Northwest Periodontics is Seattle’s most experienced and skilled provider of advanced solutions to save teeth, gums and bone instead of losing them to common oral health problems.

For more than 40 years, Pacific Northwest Periodontics has had a reputation for exceptional patient care and the highest-quality materials customized to each patient’s treatment. If you are looking for a compassionate, transparent dental team with the highest level of certified skill and experience for the best results, you are in the right place. Our periodontists and staff will exceed your expectations.

Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler have the highest level of certification in their field; both are board-certified Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, an accreditation that separates their work as consistently above 90 percent of periodontists worldwide.

The doctors’ extensive training and many years of experience in implant dentistry and the treatment of periodontal disease give our patients and their referring dentists the knowledge and insight of highly-skilled experts. Selecting a specialist to handle your dental implants or gum disease treatment can save you substantial time, money and pain. Pacific Northwest Periodontics offers the widest range of options for dental implants, including solutions you may not have known were possible that can save your natural teeth when others may have not known there was a way to do so. 

Drs. Rapoport and Schuler are highly attuned to the functional and aesthetic concerns of their dental implant patients. They use leading-edge technology to carefully plan the placement of dental implants for optimal fit and function. The periodontists are skilled in placing single tooth implants and working hand-in-hand with your general dentist or specialist to create implant-supported bridges to replace several missing teeth. They are also skilled in the innovative All-on-4 implant technique, a full-arch tooth replacement solution that provides enhanced durability and support for denture wearers.

Pacific Northwest Periodontics provides comprehensive treatment for all stages of gum disease. Treatments include scaling and root planing, perioscope therapy and osseous surgery. Drs. Rapoport and Schuler strive to create a stress-free and relaxing environment for their patients. They offer IV and oral sedation to help put anxious or nervous patients at ease while they receive treatment.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler, or with our periodontal hygienists, call Pacific Northwest Periodontics at (888) 411-1712, or email

What Do Patients Say about Pacific Northwest Periodontics?

“Great team! They worked me in as an emergency, but I didn’t feel like I was worked in at all! They made me feel like I had been a patient for years. Spent a lot of time with me and assured me everything would be ok. The team was so wonderful and worked to make sure that I had nothing to worry about both financially and about my upcoming surgery!”

– Terri N.

“I have used Dr. Ralf Schuler for each of my implants which now number 5, including two with sinus lifts. He is highly skilled, and has a most pleasant manner. His explanations are as thorough as his work is excellent. I can most enthusiastically recommend him to anyone considering such a procedure.”

– Stephen R.

“You are immediately surrounded by a universally caring and competent team of professionals, from reception and intake to preparatory work and examination. I did not have work done during this visit, but received a clear bill of health for the final phase of my dental work.”

– Patric B.

Meet the Dentists at Pacific Northwest Periodontics

Darrin A. Rapoport, B.D.S., M.S.D., is one of the most experienced periodontists in greater Seattle, specializing in dental implants, including All-on-4 dental implants, gum grafting and bone grating. Dr. Rapoport is a board certified periodontist and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, an honor that certifies exemplary results that 90 percent of periodontists across North America have not earned. Dr. Rapoport was in private practice as a general dentist prior to receiving extensive specialized training as a periodontist at the University of Washington. Your general dentist will love working with Dr. Rapoport, as he is well known for providing not only the best results for patients but also the best images and documentation for your general dentist, making your restoration as simple and seamless as possible. His work has been published many times and he is regularly invited to lecture at national and international conferences. He currently appears in local media, including KOMO 4, KING 5’s Health Link, to contribute his expertise. He has been recognized as a top periodontist four years in a row by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

Ralf F. Schuler, D.R., M.E.D., D.E.N.T., M.S.D. In addition to his reputation as one of the best periodontists specializing in dental implants, All-on-4 Implants, gum grafting and bone grafting in the region, Dr. Schuler is a board-certified periodontist and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, the highest honor awarded in his field. He is also an educator, serving as an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University of Washington, and regularly lectures at national and international dental conferences around the world.

Dr. Schuler’s dental degree is from the University of Erlangen in Nuremberg, Germany. He has served as an Assistant Professor in the Prosthodontics department at the University of Cologne. After successfully defending his Dr. Med. Dent. thesis, Dr. Schuler left academia to practice general dentistry, an experience that gave him the best training possible for working hand-in-hand with general dentists for their best results. In 2000, Dr. Schuler relocated to Seattle and began three years of highly specialized periodontal and implant training at the University of Washington. After graduation, Dr. Schuler was selected to be an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Graduate Periodontics at the University of Washington, and he went into private practice with Dr. Rapoport at Pacific Northwest Periodontics.

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