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Our Mission and Background

Consumer Guide to Dentistry was launched in April 2007 to provide comprehensive, unbiased information to consumers about all aspects of dentistry and dental health care. The information featured on this site is intended to supplement, not replace, the advice of a qualified dentist or other healthcare professional.

Content published on Consumer Guide to Dentistry is written by a team of writers and editors with extensive experience in the dental health field. The editorial team works with a robust team of medical reviewers from throughout the dental community to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

To supplement the dental health information, Consumer Guide to Dentistry also features a directory of dentists to help connect educated dental consumers with local treatment options. This sponsored directory is managed separate and apart from the editorial side of Consumer Guide to Dentistry to ensure that all information is consumer-friendly and free from bias.

As part of our mission to help connect dental consumers with their best treatment options, the directory also features reviews from a vast array of resources to help inform the decision-making process. These featured promotional reviews are intended to help consumers gauge expectations based on the experiences of past patients, and highlight the abilities of the dentists featured in the Directory.

Promotion of the directory throughout the site is clearly marked as “sponsored” so that visitors to the site can clearly identify and distinguish from all other content.

Many procedures, therapies and products are available to improve your appearance and oral health. But each is effective only when used properly and in the right circumstances. Please make decisions about your teeth and oral health in consultation with a dentist who can provide guidance based on experience and knowledge of your individual needs. No website can replace an in-person evaluation by a qualified professional.

Our Company

Consumer Guide to Dentistry is a wholly owned publication of CEATUS Media Group LLC, an online communications company specializing in the development of proprietary consumer health information portals. Site development is funded by CEATUS, and this site is not funded or owned in whole or in part by any supplier of dental products or services.

This website does not sell products or services. It is supported by advertising, which allows the site to be used free by visitors.

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