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NCOHF: America’s Toothfairy®

NCOHF is America’s Toothfairy, the only independent non-profit national children’s health organization exclusively focused on supporting delivery of comprehensive oral healthcare to children from disadvantaged populations. This drive to help the most vulnerable among us is just one reason Consumer Guide to Dentistry is so proud to partner with America’s Toothfairy. 100% of donations made to America’s Toothfairygo directly to helping children, thanks to generous underwriting by caring corporations lending their support to the NCOHF mission.

Guided by a distinguished Board of Directors and counseled by an accomplished Scientific Advisory Board, America’s Toothfairy brings together a group of devoted oral health professionals, industry leaders, philanthropists and concerned non-profit agencies under one umbrella of care.

“Outstanding support from caring corporate and individual partners has allowed America’s Toothfairyto impact the lives of over 1 million children in less than four years,” said Fern K. Ingber, President and CEO of NCOHF. “Still, we know that so much more must be done to eliminate this preventable epidemic – and done immediately.”

Over the course of the next 10 years, the America’s Toothfairy network of Affiliate centers will complete two primary initiatives:

  1. Provide treatment for more than 5 million of the neediest children through more than 500 U.S. based treatment centers.
  2. Educate and screen more than 20 million children about the importance of proper oral hygiene through schools, community events and ongoing community based prevention activities.

America’s Toothfairy Programs

NCOHF takes a proactive approach in the effort to eliminate the devastating effects of pediatric dental disease and ensure all children have access to comprehensive care. The organization administers a number of innovative programs, including:

  • ATF Dental HomeAmerica’s Toothfairy Dental Home program calls on dental professionals throughout America to “Adopt the Care of a Child” otherwise unable to access critical dental care. The initiative essentially provides a “dental home” to underserved children through mobilization of dental practices across the country. Learn more about ATF Dental Home.
  • NCOHF Oral Health Zone Program: A comprehensive education and strategic planning initiative, the NCOHF Oral Health Zone Program harnesses the strength of all community leaders and stakeholders concerned with children’s oral health issues. In addition to increasing awareness of oral health concerns within the community, the OHZ Program provides support to preventive-oriented services offered to at-risk children and their families. Learn more about the NCOHF OHZ Program.
  • Tomorrow’s SMILES: Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workforce, and Tomorrow’s SMILES strives to prepare teens for healthy and productive futures. This program provides promising at-risk high school students with complimentary restorative and esthetic dental services through a network of caring volunteer dental professionals. Teen participants also are taught how to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile, helping them develop a basis for confident social interaction with peers, teachers and future employers. Learn more about Tomorrow’s SMILES.

An America’s Toothfairy Education for a Happy, Healthy Tomorrow

Dentists routinely stress to their patients the importance of preventive care as an alternative to costly restorative treatment. America’s Toothfairy echoes this message of prevention, striving to inform children and parents alike of the perils associated with oral health mismanagement. Tooth decay is the most common untreated chronic childhood illness, and sadly, one that is easily preventable.

Although access to care is more difficult to come by for economically disadvantaged families, an education in optimal oral health can literally be a life saver. Increased awareness of programs available in the community – such as those offered by America’s Toothfairy – can help children from vulnerable populations find outlets through which to receive care.

America’s Toothfairy provides all Affiliates with a comprehensive, award-winning oral health curriculum as an integral component to each facility’s preventive and treatment services. The America’s Toothfairy educational program includes award-winning materials from Toothfairy Island and the Baby Oral Health Program (BOHP).

Toothfairy Island materials include puzzles, games, puppets and other engaging, hands-on activities that help children and parents learn critical oral health messages while having fun. All Toothfairy Island curriculum packages are age-appropriate yet comprehensive, encouraging families to establish proper dental hygiene habits at home. Materials include information on nutrition, safe play, prevention of germs transmission, true science, oral health instruction and much more. Learn more about Toothfairy Island.

Despite increased efforts to combat tooth decay in children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report an overall increase in cavities among children ages 2 to 5. Part of the problem is that most general dentists are not provided with an appropriate level of pediatric training through standardized dental school curricula, and not all parents employ the services of a specialized pediatric dentist. Developed by the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of North Carolina with funding provided by America’s Toothfairy, the Baby Oral Health Program (bOHP) provides dental professionals with necessary background information, technique demonstration and educational materials to begin an effective infant and toddler oral health program.

We Can All Help

Together we all can help eliminate the nation’s No. 1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease. Millions of children are suffering to such an extent that they have trouble eating, sleeping and learning. Children who suffer most have the fewest resources, and are least likely to receive the oral health care they so desperately need.

100% of your donations will go directly to helping children, thanks to generous underwriting by caring corporations lending their support to the NCOHF mission.

Your help is needed now. You can make a difference. 

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