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Dentistry Resources

Anatomy of a Mouth: The mouth (oral cavity) consists of several components, including the teeth, gingiva (gums), tongue, palate, cheeks, lips and floor of the mouth. With the exception of the teeth, the mouth is lined by mucous membranes. (Read More)

Dental Emergencies: Your dentist should be the first person you call if you have a dental emergency. Most dentists set aside time for emergency procedures. Be sure to keep your dentist’s after hours contact information readily available at all times. Whether at home or traveling, the following tips can help you manage a dental emergency until you can get to the dentist. It is important to remember that with some dental emergencies, seeing a dentist within 30 minutes or less can mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. (Read More)

Gray and Black Market Dental Products: Are You at Risk?: Unfortunately, Gray and Black Market products aren’t limited to high-priced consumer electronics. Dental materials — everything from the composites used to create minimally invasive composite bonding veneers, to the impression materials used to create moulds of your teeth for precision crowns and porcelain veneers — also are being sold in unauthorized ways to unsuspecting dentists. (Read More)

Dental Patient Rights: A number of state and specialty dental associations, clinics and private practices offer a patient bill of rights. By and large, a bill of patient rights is a mission statement that reflects the beliefs and goals of an association or practice with regards to its patients. (Read More)

Special Needs Dentistry: A patient with special needs can be defined as someone with medical, physical, psychological or social circumstances that require a change in their normal routines. In the context of dentistry and oral health, a patient with special needs requires a change in regular approaches to dental care in order to receive treatment. (Read More)