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Straighten Teeth in Weeks, not Years

Written by Ross Nash, DDS   Last modified on May 31, 2018

Many things can affect smile esthetics (tooth discoloration, wear and tear, missing teeth, etc.), but one of the more frequent issues that I see relates to the alignment of the teeth. A number of options are now available for correcting tooth misalignment. Some of the more traditional orthodontic approaches may require months or years for the desired results. 

This young woman featured to the right wanted straighter teeth, but did not want to wear fixed braces. With a simple appliance called the Inman Aligner (which I’ve previously touched on here), some teeth can be aligned in a mere matter of weeks, not years.

After discussing the Inman Aligner, what would be involved with treatment and the expected cost, she chose this economical and relatively quick treatment option and achieved a gorgeous smile in a very short time.

Q. What Exactly is an Inman Aligner?

A. The Inman Aligner is an innovative appliance that incorporates springs that apply a light force to the teeth, allowing for them to be repositioned in the bone. The appliance itself looks very much like a retainer, an orthodontic appliance most people are more familiar with.

Q. Can the Inman Aligner be removed while eating?

A. Yes. The Inman Aligner can be removed at any time, for any reason. That being said, patients are advised to adhere to an established wear schedule for optimal results.

Q. How long should it be worn?

A. The specific duration of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, but in general, the aligner should be worn 16-to-20 hours a day until the teeth are straight.

Q. Can the Inman Aligner be used instead of braces?

A. In certain instances, the Inman Aligner may be a viable alternative to braces. However, it’s important to note that the appliances are not used interchangeably. Inman aligners are not for all situations, but many people can benefit from the fast and economical treatment.

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