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Say Hello to the New Consumer Guide to Dentistry

Written by Consumer Guide to Dentistry   Last modified on December 15, 2017

The times they are a changing… and so is Consumer Guide to Dentistry. We’re proud to introduce our brand new site design, a project that we believe will better connect our readers with the oral health and dental information they’re looking for.

We originally launched Consumer Guide to Dentistry in 2006 and it has become the premier destination for dental consumers with more than 3.5 million visitors per year. Over the past 11 years we’ve helped answer questions related to all manners of oral health, ranging from general and cosmetic dentistry treatments — like fillings, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, teeth whitening, implants, etc. — to more obscure topics — like clear orthodontic aligners, TMJ disorder, bruxism, dental anxiety and more. We’ve also incorporated an ever-growing network of top dentists so that our visitors can connect directly with their nearest providers.

We’ve also expanded our content development strategies to incorporate more ways for consumers to interact with oral health information. This includes slideshows driven by compelling imagery that supplements the content to make it easier to absorb; treatment comparisons intended to help consumers weigh the pros and cons of each option (such as dental implants vs bridges); a dental health news section where trending oral health topics are featured (such as the role dentists can play in the growing opioid epidemic) an innovative geo-synchronized dentist network that determines a visitor’s location through their IP address and identifies their nearest dental providers; and much more.  We also now provide reviews for all the dentists we feature so that our website visitors can research local dentists in a more detailed, comprehensive manner.

Our primary objective was to update the design and functionality so that all of these sources of information can be easily accessed and digested, particularly on mobile devices, which now are used by 60% of the dental consumers who visit the site. We hope you agree as we do that this new design nails it on all levels. It’s lean, it’s mean and it’s got all the dental care information you’re looking for.

If you have any thoughts on the new design and layout, we’d love to hear them!