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Jeff Cummings DMD

Jeff Cummings DMD
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Jeff Cummings DMD

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Cosmetic and restorative dentistry near Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Jeff Cummings is a dentist with over 35 years of experience providing reconstructive, implant and cosmetic  care to patients in Waltham, Massachusetts.  In addition,  he offers a general dentistry, restorative dentistry and emergency dentistry procedures. Whether you are looking to improve the health, beauty or functionality of your teeth, Dr. Cummings has the technical expertise and experience with a highly trained team to achieve amazing outcomes.  

Dr. Cummings believes that bite stability, soft tissue health, function and an attractive smile are really important for the best life.  When necessary, his patients trust him to improve the functionality of their mouths with procedures like dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns and dentures. Those who want to make aesthetic improvements to their mouth can request cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Dr. Cummings is joined at his practice by Dr. Jane Darviche, a periodontist who has an in-depth understanding of the health needs of the gums and bone. Together, Dr. Cummings and Dr. Darviche work to ensure that their patients’ teeth and entire mouths are healthy. This dedication is a testament to the practice’s guiding philosophy that all aspects of wellness are important for their patients to thrive.

The office is conveniently located at the center of Waltham, serving the communities of Watertown, Lexington, Newton, Belmont, Boston and Weston, MA. Dr. Cummings’s friendly staff works to quickly schedule appointments with patients new and old. Anyone who has oral pain or a dental problem that warrants an examination should not hesitate to contact the office. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cummings, please call (800) 816-1626.

What Do Patients Say about First Point Dental?

“Dr. Cummings and his staff are absolutely phenomenal! I had a dead tooth and needed a root canal — it was a breeze and Dr. Cummings was able to maintain the structure of the tooth so that I didn’t need a crown or veneer. He was able to bring the color back to match the rest of my teeth with bleaching. If anything, I’d say my front teeth look better than they did before!

– Rachel M.

“I had five fillings and my bite adjusted all in one visit. I have to say my bite has never felt better. The fillings are tooth colored and look great. I highly recommend Dr. Cummings and will definitely be coming back.”

– Vinnie

“The office is impeccably clean, the staff is super kind and Dr. Cummings’s bedside manner is second-to-none. Dr Cummings was the first dentist to address the overall health of my mouth and ask about my aspirations for a nicer smile. Today was the first time in 16 years I felt like I was listened to and am hopeful that I will now be able to achieve the smile of my dreams.”

– Linda K.

More about Dr. Cummings

Jeffrey S. Cummings, D.M.D, earned his doctorate from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1987. After graduating, he collaborated with experts in the field of implant dentistry and denture prosthodontics to perfect his craft. Simultaneously, he opened a private practice and taught two days a week at Tufts. His academic papers have been published in prestigious journals like the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, the Journal of Dental Research and the Quintessence International Dental Digest.

Dr. Cummings is an active member of the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society. He holds a patent for a unique teeth whitening treatment that has achieved transformative results for his patients. He established a second practice, NK Family Dentistry, across from his existing practice so that he can mentor up-and-coming dentists.

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