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Terry Watson, DMD
Michael Tabor, DDS

Midtown Smiles
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Dr. Terry Watson Dr. Michael Tabo

310 23rd Ave. N., Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37203

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Serving patients seeking cosmetic dentistry in Nashville and the surrounding areas

Drs. Terry Watson and Michael Tabor of Midtown Smiles are the trusted choice for patients seeking high-quality dental treatment and care in Nashville and the surrounding area. They and their team focus on building personal, long-lasting relationships with their patients. Patients benefit from the dentists’ compassionate, individualized approach and over 60 years of collective experience.

Midtown Smiles offers an array of general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. Patients who desire a more luminous or attractive smile may benefit from chairside teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Six Month Smiles or Invisalign. The dentists can also rehabilitate or replace teeth with a dental restoration like dental crowns, bridges or implants. All restorations are crafted using strong and life-like dental materials to create the most long-lasting and natural result. Sedation dentistry techniques, including oral sedation medication and IV sedation, can be used to make dental treatment more stress-free and comfortable.

Drs. Watson and Tabor are both trained and experienced in dental sleep medicine, having helped hundreds of sleep apnea patients find relief from their symptoms and sleep better at night.

To schedule a consultation with the dentists at Midtown Smiles, please call (866) 416-6392 today.

What Do Patients Say about Midtown Smiles?

“Doc and his outstanding staff have served me well. My only regret is that I didn’t find him earlier in my life. Just an absolute comfort being taken care of by someone with such a passion for his patients and their needs! Certainly a breath of fresh air in today’s business culture. Integrity describes him best!” – Mark Gallan

“If you are looking for an all-star team with the utmost of integrity then look no further! Dr’s Tabor AND Watson are incredible men with a passion for what they do & it shows! The entire staff makes me feel like family every time I walk through the door! I highly recommend them…” – Lee Crawford

“I’ve undergone lots of dental work for 60 years and have never before been treated by a dentist as thoughtfully and comprehensively as Dr. Watson. I’d been experiencing protracted dental/facial neuralgia for 8 months and during that time had sought prior help with multiple visits to a dentist, an endodontist, a periodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon but had received inadequate remedies. Dr. Watson took time to carefully interview me, evaluate my dental structure, and to determine that the likely source of my pain was a bite problem that had triggered my jaw muscles to be locked in a perpetual spasm. Through his over two decades of dental practice Dr. Watson has learned how subtle physical changes to the dynamics of the bite mechanism due to dental repairs and chipped teeth can be the culprit in causing nighttime teeth grinding that results in jaw muscle inflammation and spasms. He proceeded to reshape lightly a few of my teeth (painlessly, without anesthetic) and as he was doing so I was amazed to feel the muscles in my jaw begin to relax! Note that although he does not claim to be a TMJ specialist I think he more than deserves the title of “Jaw Whisperer,” and his staff is fantastic too.” – Julie Bianchi

More about the Dentists at Midtown Smiles

Terry Watson, DMD, is the owner of Midtown Smiles. He earned his undergraduate degree from Arkansas State University and his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Before moving to Nashville, Dr. Watson ran a successful dental practice in Arkansas for 20 years. In 2016, he purchased Dr. Tabor’s practice and renamed it Midtown Smiles.

Dr. Watson focuses on cosmetic dentistry, full mouth restoration and dental implants.

Michael Tabor, DDS, has over 40 years of dental experience. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 1973. In 2002, Dr. Tabor opened a private practice, now known as Midtown Smiles. He focuses on dental sleep medicine, treating patients for snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Tabor was recently named one of Nashville’s Top Dentists by Nashville Lifestyles.

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