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General and cosmetic dentist offering treatments for patients in and around Springfield, Massachussettes - Read our latest patient reviews

David I. Peck, DMD, is a highly regarded general and cosmetic dentist who has more than 30 years of experience using sophisticated techniques to dramatically improve the appearance of patients’ smiles. Dr. Peck completed advanced cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular training at the distinguished Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He also received certification in laser treatment for cosmetic soft tissue re-contouring and periodontal therapy from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He has been voted “Best Dentist” twelve years in a row by the Advocate Best of the Valley Readers’ Poll. In fact, one patient of the practice who had a smile makeover dubbed Dr. Peck the “Wizard of Worthington Street” and went on to compliment his team as the “Magical Staff of Stars.”

Dr. Peck performs a wide range of advanced general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, composite bonding, dental bridges, dental implants, dental implant restoration and full mouth reconstruction for patients in Springfield, Chicopee, Wilbraham, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Ludlow, Enfield, CT, and the surrounding Western Massachusetts and Southern Connecticut area. He also offers a number of general dentistry procedures, as well as neuromuscular and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) therapy. Dr. Peck uses the latest technologically advanced equipment in laser dentistry to perform a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including surgical gum tissue procedures. Dr. Peck is also one of the few cosmetic dentists who use painless wand anesthesia, a computer-controlled device that releases a steady flow of anesthesia to prevent discomfort.

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Dr. Peck and his team strive to provide each patient with comfortable care, and, therefore, use minimally invasive techniques and innovative technologies whenever possible. For instance, Dr. Peck utilizes computer imaging to allow patients to see what their smiles will look like after they undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures. He also uses Cerec 3-D technology to create personalized porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays during a single visit. This helps eliminate multiple visits and multiple injections.

Dr. Peck also employs the DEKA CO2 laser for soft tissue procedures, such as dental implant and periodontal (gum) procedures, and other types of oral surgery. About 80 to 90 percent of the body’s soft tissue content is made of water, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is highly absorbed in water. Thus, a laser with a CO2 wavelength is superior to other lasers because it is more effectively absorbed into soft tissue via the large amount of water present there. This allows Dr. Peck to perform soft tissue procedures precisely and accurately with little to no bleeding, minimal post-operative swelling and less trauma to surrounding tissue. This means a quicker recovery for the patient with very little discomfort, if any.

In addition, Dr. Peck utilizes the Biolase WaterLase iPlus laser for hard and soft tissue procedures. The iPlus laser is much faster than a conventional drill, is minimally invasive and is virtually painless. Many patients forgo anesthetic before undergoing dental treatments such as cavity preparation. With the iPlus laser, there is less risk of hard tissue mini fractures and soft tissue thermal damage, and no risk of cross contamination. These technologically advanced tools and techniques are what attract patients from all over Massachusetts and Connecticut, including Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Ludlow, Chicopee, Wilbraham, Enfield, CT, and the surrounding area, to Dr. Peck for all their cosmetic dentistry needs.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation or comprehensive exam with Dr. Peck and learn more about your general and cosmetic dentistry options, including what said treatments may cost, contact his office at (888) 480-6566 or visit his website at

Reviews for Dr. David I. Peck

Dr. Peck and his team

“On November 4th, 2009, Dr. Peck gave me the gift of a smile. I can now express when I feel joy and not in the back of my mind think about my ‘ugly’ smile. I now have a beautiful smile that a true artist of dentistry gave me. Dr. Peck is the ‘Picasso’ of smiles!!” —Charlotte, MA

“I walked into Dr. Peck’s office with a fear of dentists, zero tolerance for pain and the assumption that nothing could be done for my teeth. Sitting in the dental chair relaxed and being told what was being done and why was a first for me. I got to the point, after two or three visits, where I enjoyed going to my appointments. For over 40 years, I would not show my teeth when I smiled. Now just give me any chance at all and you will see them. I have had people walk up to me in the mall and compliment my teeth. My experience with Dr. Peck has been ALL GAIN AND NO PAIN!!!” —Steve, Ludlow, MA

“Without the patient, thoughtful and gentle care I have always received at Dr. Peck’s office, I know my fear would have prevented me from coming to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Peck and your staff for 20 years (yikes) of healthy smiles!” —Tricia, Chicopee, MA

Dr. Peck
was voted
Best Dentist
twelve years
in a row.

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“Thank you so very much for giving me back my smile. I will think of you and your wonderful staff each time I smile. Thank you again.” —Donna, Gill, MA

“I needed to see Dr. Peck for not one, but two root canals. Having heard all of the talk about this ‘dreaded dental procedure’ I was a little bit anxious. I am here to say that Dr. Peck is truly miraculous. I did not feel ANY pain. In the past, I felt more pain having cavities filled. If you are trusting your teeth to anyone, it should be Dr. Peck.” —Kim, Conway, MA

“As far back as I can remember I had bad teeth. The emotional trauma and embarrassing moments I went through can only be buried to places far, far away with a hand always covering my smile. Always. So many years of trying new things to improve my smile and I always had the same outcome – hand over smile! I am now 31 years old and decided to see Dr. Peck and his team. He has changed my life. Tears of joy, years of self consciousness and embarrassment are out the window. He has made my smile big, proud and with no hand covering it. Words can do no justice if you can not relate, but if you can it really has changed my life!!!! I believed in Dr. Peck and he believed in me. Now it’s time to SMILE. There can never be enough thanks, but I cherish and love you all for being so supportive and encouraging. :}” —Diane, Springfield, MA

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More About David I. Peck, DMD

David I. Peck, DMD, graduated with honors from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He then completed a general practice residency at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut. Dr. Peck is a member of the American Dental Association, the Massachusetts Dental Society, the Valley District Dental Society, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of Laser Dentistry.


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